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Five Axis CNC router revolutionises in-house composite production

Date: 11th August 2017
Categories: EASA Approvals // Aircraft interior design // Design & build // Composites

Starling Aerospace has invested in a Five Axis CNC router to revolutionise its in-house composite production. With the latest precision equipment in place the aircraft interior specialists now have the functionality to produce three dimensional shapes and larger scale composites.

From seat shrouds to complete stateroom bulkhead systems, Starling Aerospace in-house composite shop is now equipped to create a much wider range of aircraft interior structures. The new Five Axis CNC router has a capacity of 125 cubic feet which means large scale composites can be fabricated to support compound curve assemblies.

This new technology combines all the elements needed for trimming formed parts, patterns or moulds using five-axis simultaneous motions. The Five Axis CNC router will link directly to design data for exact three-dimensional tooling and repeatable accuracy for multiple assemblies.

“Our business is designed so our in-house facilities dovetail each other and complement our EASA certification approvals for Design, Manufacturing and Repair. The new Five Axis CNC router is a great investment and will enhance our offering of aircraft interior solutions which we design, build and certify,” says Coralie Wigg, Commercial Director and Co-founder of Starling Aerospace.

Composites can be made to specification and finished with high quality paint, Tedlars or leather using in-house expertise. Starling Aerospace carry EASA approvals for Design: UK21J.538, Manufacturing: UK21G.2581, and Repair & Overhaul: UK145.01249.


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