Cabin interior monuments

Composite structures ranging from dog boxes to complete stateroom bulkhead systems

Our in-house composite shop complements our Part 21 J approved design team to build special mission composite structure ranging from dog boxes to complete stateroom bulkhead systems. We have the technology and skills to produce custom built cabin aircraft monuments for specific passenger requirements and to meet your brand specifications. 


Trolley stowage

Cabin interior monuments 

We stock a large supply of flat panel, adhesives and inserts to minimise lead times. Our new Five Axis CNC router has a capacity of 125 cubic feet which means large scale composites can be fabricated to support compound curve assemblies. 

Bespoke structures 

  • Design and build to customer specifications
  • Composite shops to manufacture flat panel or layup work 
  • Latest technology including new Five Axis CNC router
  • Three dimensional shapes and larger scale composites
  • Large capacity curing ovens for large layup panels

Trim and Finish Options

  • Aqua transfer print, paint or leather (ultraleather® also available)
  • Leather can be embossed with your logo