Aircraft Cabin Composites

Aircraft cabin composite structures ranging from dog boxes to complete stateroom bulkhead systems


In-house composite shop

Our in-house composite shop complements our Part 21 J approved design team to build special mission composite structure ranging from Dog boxes to complete stateroom bulkhead systems. We stock a large supply of flat panel, adhesives, and inserts to minimize lead times. Our CNC routers link directly to design data to produce manufactured parts to the highest quality. Prepreg and layup structure is precisely controlled by in-house manufactured tooling and cured in high-temperature vacuum ovens to ensure adherence to the highest quality standards. Trim and finish of the completed parts are available in the highest quality paint, tedlars or leather.

  • Design and Build to customer specifications or Build to Print 
  • Composite shops to manufacture flat panel or layup work
  • Two CNC routers ensure parts are manufactured to highest quality
  • Large capacity curing ovens for large layup panels
  • In-house paint and laminate trim finish available